Utica Coffee Roasting Company partners with the UMAF to help you Wake the Hell Up!

Beautiful painting of the shop front by Joanne Desefano

A very sound business venture was recently undergone between the dynamic individuals at the Utica Coffee Roasting Company and the animal that is the Utica Music and Arts Festival.  Clearly a festival of this size and nature requires an official coffee.  Clearly a coffee of superb quality roasted locally in Utica, NY needs a festival.  In a classic two birds, one stone move, these local powerhouses join forces to influence the consciousness in September. The Utica Coffee Roasting Company has become the official coffee of the Utica Music and Arts Festival and will be available to you!

The Utica Coffee brand is synonymous with the best qualities of Utica itself; simplicity and a no-nonsense attitude, a richness of unique and shared culture, and a strong independent streak. Our approach is simple, too: use the highest quality coffee available, roast it in small batches for the local retail and wholesale market, and adhere to business principles that embrace the culture, history, and vibe of our region. We practice current, sustainable, renewable business practices whenever possible. The best part? We get to roast (and drink) phenomenal coffee in the process. ~official website

I hope that you have seen these people out and about in your community or visited them at 92 Genesee Street, Utica, NY 13502.  You may have heard the radio ads suggesting that you Wake the Hell Up!  Soon you can enjoy a Youtube channel devoted to all things coffee and other related awakenings fueled by truth and caffeine.  Who among us can’t get down with these messages?  Our country was arguably founded by buzzed up individuals plotting a status quo shake up from back rooms in coffee houses!  Coffee is in our history, for heaven sakes.  But I digress.

A Utica Coffee Roasting Company tent will be a featured part of the Utica Greens Fest on Saturday of the UMAF.  They’ll be set up on Varick Street and some fun discounts and specials will be offered.  Customers who visit the main location on Genesee Street who are wearing UMAF wrist bands will be able to get $1.00 off each cup of coffee.  Pretty sweet hangover cure!  Great way to get your juices flowing before the Zumba Street Bash!  They will also offer $2.00 off each bag of Utica Buzz sold at the shop or the Greens Festival. Utica Buzz is an Ultra Caffeinated coffee with 2x’s the caffeine.

A very cozy place to get your buzz on!

The Genesee Street location is open every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.   Starting Tuesday, September 8th, the hours will extend also to Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m.  Beans can be purchased online through the Utica Coffee Roasting Company website.  Uticans can also catch the UCRC at the Oneida County Public Market on Saturday mornings at the beautiful downtown transit station.  The Tramontane Cafe at 1105 Lincoln Avenue also proudly serves Utica Coffee Roasting Company joe!  You can pick up your UMAF weekend passes at the Tram, too!  One stop shopping.

Utica Coffee Roasting Company Official

Utica Coffee Roasting Company on Facebook

UMAF Coffee Deal on Facebook



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