NBIF and the UMAF join forces to strengthen the community


Community involvement is a large part of what motivates the Utica Music and Arts Festival.  Without interest and support from their communities, musicians and artists cannot thrive.  In turn, without music and art, communities lack a vital aspect of what makes up culture.  Beyond just that basic foundation, festival organizers have always endeavored to give something back to Central New York through various relationships with local charities and social groups.  At this time, the UMAF is honored and proud to announce that the festival will be working with the National Brain Injury Foundation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, nearly 1.7 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury.  The NBIF is a non profit 501(c) organization founded and headquartered in Utica, NY that works to raise awareness of traumatic brain injuries and provide information and holistic support to individuals with brain injuries and their families.  Founder, Lisa Marie Jones, is tirelessly dedicated to this cause.  The NBIF is very active in the community hosting many events (recently a film screening Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery at The Uptown Theater) and fundraisers.   An integrated community is a strong one, and the contribution of the NBIF enriches both sides of the equation.  
In past years, the NBIF has joined the UMAF family by participating in the Utica Greens Festival and this year we are excited to build upon that foundation and take it beyond.

NBIF Booth at last year's Greens Fest

The UMAF hopes to help more community members become aware of the great work of the NBIF though the connection between the two groups, and the festival team is also genuinely grateful for the assistance of the Foundation in our fundraising efforts, The Greens Festival, and all other facets of the UMAF.  Each organization will share portions of the contributions from future joint fundraising events and look forward to cooperating to that end.

I trust your calendars are marked for this year’s UMAF, September 13, 14 & 15.  Please stay tuned for more announcements to come and thank you as always for your beautiful support.  We love U!



About MLW

Buzz Machine/buzz saw, Semi Professional Mouth, and Freelance Writer. Extreme enthusiast of the Utica Music and Arts Festival, a yearly event held in September in Utica, New York. I'm not an A&R girl, but I play one on tv. Let's collaborate! MelissaLWalker82@gmail.com

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