Raise some funds, raise some spirits, raise a UMAF Plant!


All the UMAFers have been busy at work brainstorming some fun ways to raise some funds for this year’s fest so it can be even bigger and better than ever before!  With a focus on service and the joy of a life full of beautiful things, what can we do to share together?  How can we all get together and nuture this to help it grow?

What little cuties!

Plants!  Come get a UMAF plant to brighten your day!  You can set it on your desk at work or in your home and every time you look at it, you can know you’ve done a part in growing this event from the bottom up with your neighbors!  It’s a big community garden for such a great cause.

Sometimes, when you have a baby, somebody sends you a plant.  As the baby grows and changes before your eyes, the plant also grows, and one day you find yourself looking at it and thinking that the plant has been there from the beginning.  It is a beautiful reminder and symbol of creation.  It is a part of a part you played.  As this brain baby, the UMAF, hits full stride, we’d like you to be a part of that.  We’d like you to have a nice reminder every time you glance at the plant we  share that you are united with people trying to do some positive things and share art and music with our whole community.  Watch it and the festival grow together.

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of nice!?  Where can you get one of these lovely darlings?  You can see one of your friends who are plotting and planning the festival behind the scenes.  I know you know someone- you made it here after all!  Or, even better, stop out to an event and pick one up!  Tonight, March 9, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. the UMAF will have a table with a selection of UMAF plant-lets at Piers & Blake, a lovely restaurant and bar at 330 Main Street in Utica, NY, while Joe Sweet and John Kelsey play some acoustic music for your further enjoyment.  Please support one of our newest UMAF venues and get out tonight, pick up a plant, and share a few smiles with us.

Thank U!



Snuggle up close and get a better peek 😉










About MLW

Buzz Machine/buzz saw, Semi Professional Mouth, and Freelance Writer. Extreme enthusiast of the Utica Music and Arts Festival, a yearly event held in September in Utica, New York. I'm not an A&R girl, but I play one on tv. Let's collaborate! MelissaLWalker82@gmail.com

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