Artist Profile- Rawson

Artist Profile- Rawson

Rawson will funk Utica up!  It isn’t the first time, it won’t be the last time, but the next time you get to see Rawson in Utica is during a little thing we like to call the Utica Music and Arts Festival.  Our dear festival family is returning to greet us with the sweat of their brow and the song in their hearts…and a little bit of booty shaking bass and beat business.  They know we like it that way and they serve it up every time, all the way from New York City with their patented “Rawson Roll!”

To hear Rawson is to love Rawson.  They’re a professional groove machine; a rock band, but with very heavy influences of blues and funk.  Jimi calls it party music, probably because a party breaks out everywhere they go.  My wardrobe malfunction alert is if the seat won’t hold, leave it home.  You’ll bust your old seams loose once the band gets going.  Jimi Sharp’s guitar is like a 5th member of the group, with him coaxing it to singing and screaming in big presence right along with Sean Rawson. Sean’s vocal is perfection in the mix, soaring and rasping, whining, exalting, and purring.  If you made a wish list, Rawson’s got it down. The groove is easy and natural like breathing as G and Edwin Alvarado do their swing, slam and romp thing.  The sound is full and slightly distorted and very uninhibiting.  Delicious!  Get some of that at our festival!

“It’s like a musical surprise party!”  Jimi Sharp

might as well...

Utica is a repeated stop for Rawson and they’ve just recently played at The Electric Company for a post Saranac Thursdays afterparty.  Social media is always a mess the following day with fans and the band commenting and interacting on the show.  I’ve never heard a bad word said on either side!

You don’t have to take my word for it, this is the age of the video upload.  Some flava for yo’ ear:


Rawson’s got some big stuff on deck, including the new CD they have begun writing and a video in the works.  What’s in store for Utica?  “There will be a “RAWSON” GIVEAWAY at UTICA this year also, but you MUST come to the shows to find out what it is!”  That’s Friday, September 16th at 11:00 p.m.-12:00 midnight at BLU and Saturday, September 17th at 7:00 pm 8:00 pm at The Electric Company


“Our fan base is always growing and we love feedback from everyone. Please come up after the show! Chat, take pics, make yourself at home.” ~Jimi

Find Rawson on the web:

Rawson on ReverbNation

Rawson on Facebook

Rawson on Youtube (note the UMAF love!)

Attend the UMAF by paying a cover charge ($5-$15) on the door of most venues (a select few are freebies, cause we love U!) and subjecting yourself to a line, or go the smart route and purchase a weekend pass wristband online or at The Electric Company or the Tramonane Café.  Wristband means no line, you get first come first serve treatment in the event of a capacity fill for the venue, and you don’t have to reach in your pocket at the door.



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