Artist Profile- The Audible Dark

Artist Profile- The Audible Dark

“We’re really excited to create a place outside of NYC to stop every time we hit the road. “

The Audible Dark.  Sit with that for a minute and think about the image the words conjure in your mind.  If the dark had a sound, what would it be?  This band from downstate NY wants to give you their version of that picture, so they are hopping on the road and coming for a visit to the Utica Music and Arts Festival.

Stephanie Logan of the band has some Utica ties I’d like to tell you about.  Not like the ones on the Charlie Watts Riots, the other kid of ties. She’s from here!   “I grew up in Utica and went to college in Rochester, so I have a lot of old friends and family ties upstate. So when the guys in Nova Cez Everything suggested we look into it, I was really excited for the chance to play in my hometown!”

Stephanie’s voice slams into your ears relentlessly, and I mean that as a compliment.  She has a very direct and precise delivery, an acute sound to her vocal, that helps drive the tempo of the songs forward with the pulsing rock music supporting her melody.  She’s also playing guitar.  The band is heavy but not oppressive or melancholy and the balance let’s you hear articulation and vocal nuances and flowing lyrics.  There is something inspiring and hopeful about the overall mix.  The guitar solos absolutely rip thanks to Lance Barnewold.  They’re very present at the front of the sound and screaming in tone.  Pat McCarthy’s beastly bass slides alongside Chris Infusino’s work behind the kit, and it’s rock and roll ready for release.

The Audible Dark just played The Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (video above) and enjoyed the cooperative atmosphere of the other bands performing and the ‘funky vibe’ of the crowd.  I really just way to say, The Audible Dark at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg.  That’s a fun name smash up.  Also, I am confident and hopeful that they will enjoy the Varick Street experience similarly.

They’ve got a jump on the networking out of the gate.  Stephanie told me a little more about how involved they already are with other performers.  “We’re definitely looking forward to seeing Nova Cez Everything play again. They totally killed it when we saw them here in NYC. Also, really looking forward to meeting Melia. She and I have talked over twitter, and I suggested they look into UMAF, so I’m psyched that we’ll be sharing the same stage on the 17th… I’m really looking forward to checking out the scene, especially the local acts, and getting a chance to make connections with other musicians.”

The band has 2 EP’s out, Rainbows & Roses and self titled, The Audible Dark. The CDs and band t-shirts will available at the shows and the band is currently working on an album to add to that collection, so keep tabs on them over the internet for details as they develop.

They’re making the most of the trip.  Stephanie will play solo

Thursday, Sept 15: 10:30 pm at The Celtic Harp

Friday, Sept 16: 9:00 pm at The Green Onion Pub

The Audible Dark full band
Saturday, Sept 17: 6:30 pm at Sickenberger Lane Outdoor Stage

Bring it!

There are lots of ways to keep in touch with The Audible Dark:
The Audible Dark Official
The Audible Dark on Facebook
The Audible Dark on MySpace
The Audible Dark Blog
The Audible Dark on YouTube
Follow The Audible Dark on Twitter
The Audible Dark on
The Audible Dark on ReverbNation
The Audible Dark on iTunes

Please purchase your tickets to this event in advance for a discount on the price.  Do it now!



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