Artist Profile- Charlie Watts Riots

Artist Profile- Charlie Watts Riots
If The Charlie Watts Riots from Albany, NY were a painting, it would be of a strike of lightening. Or, maybe of some slick suited, larger than life types busting down a door in their fancy shoes- on a lot of amplification.  And that’s really why the CWR could never be a painting; wrong kind of static.  They’re just too full of energy for a stationary position.  They’re leaving the Capital Region to make some noise with us at the Utica Music and Arts Festival.

Gibson SG, yes please!


Out of the box I will say that I love rock trios.  The arrangement is naturally led into a quick, clippy presentation that’s catchy like a virus.  I also recall the time in our nation’s great history when “Indie Rock” as a genre of music was just coming into the major consciousness…and I am pleasantly reminded of this nostalgic time by CWR!  I’m talking about groups like Apples in Stereo, Sunny Day Real Estate and Built to Spill when I make this comparison.    So you have some great, straight rock harmonies happening in CWR music.  You have a rapid punch to much of the guitar work, but also the stringy tremble tones you long for in your indie rock, on just the right amount of repeat.  The Charlie Watts Riots kind of straddle the fence between a rock and a poppy punk band and who minds that?!  Snappy dressers, too, this bunch.  “Fancy” Sethy Francy on guitar and vocals, Mike Pauley on bass and vocals, and Joe Putrock on drums are making the most out of their three piece puzzle.  Your unrestrainable humming is likely to add to the ambient noise.  They weren’t voted the Best Rock Band in Metroland Albany’s Best of 2011for nothing.

Utica triva time!  From the band, themselves:
  • Mike played lacrosse at HCCC and used to play club hockey against a pick up team of old scrubs at Clinton Arena
  • Joe once ran The Boilermaker.  It would kill him now.
  • Fancy drinks Saranac Pale Ale like it’s water.
“We read about the festival and it sounded really fun.  It seems like after 3 years it’s really built up a head of steam and is put on, and attended by, people who love music. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?”
CWR are coming off a show in July with Super 400 at which they played to a few close friends…something like 500 people or so.  “Sweaty. Loud. Rocky.”  That sounds nice.  On the horizon between now and rocking the U, “…we have a date where we’ll be playing 3 shows in just over 12 hours. And not one of them will be phoned in.”  The business attire is not for conference calls.


They’re hanging around to take in some shows with us, too, which is always fun.  “From what we’ve read, it seems like Belikos and Winslow are now Utica institutions.  Missing them would be like missing the brewery tour.”  I can confirm that this is good information for you fest fans.They have a plan, too, Utica.  It starts with “Kicking new ass.”  Expounding on this strategy, the band commented, “We’ll be coming into a situation where most people know nothing about us, which means we’ll have to pull out all the stops to win people over.  That usually makes for a proper rock show.  We plan on giving anyone who shows up to Sickenberger Lane at 5:45 pm on Friday every penny’s worth.  We have a blast and do our best to bring the crowd with us.” Then, as we’ve heard many times before from bands coming to the festival, they’d like to come back if you’d like to have them.

Here, do it.
The merch 411 is The Charlie Watts Riots’ first record, Long Story Short will be available for your purchase, along with t-shirts and some free stickers and buttons.  Free!  I hear “Mike’s a nerd so there will probably be some sort of QR code thing you can scan with your smartphone and get free music.”
CWR will take the stage at Sickenberger Lane on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 5:45 p.m. “…which, by the way, is 15 minutes after we get out of bed most days.”
Come out in force to show them why this was worth spending some time in the daylight.

CWR on the web:

Why don’t you have your tickets yet?  Go get some at the Tramontane Cafe if you’re in the area.  Have lunch, they’re serving the official coffee of the UMAF, Utica Coffee Roasting Company!


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