Artist Profile- Winslow

Artist Profile- Winslow

“We made the 7 hour trip to Utica and had one of best festival experiences we’ve ever had as a band. There was a tremendous amount of talented groups, great music loving fans, and a great staff of organizers. We’ve been hooked ever since! … We’re trying to make Utica dance and sweat a bit this year!” ~Maurice Martin, Winslow

Winslow is a professional soul powerhouse from Akron, Ohio. This is their third year making the epic 7 hour trek all the way to see what is going on at the Utica Music and Arts Festival and that says something about them and the fest itself! That’s no trip down the street! It deserves a little bit of your attention just for that reason alone and when you hear Winslow, you’ll understand the magnitude of the favor they’re doing you traveling in like this.

“Our music is a melding of soul, rock, pop, and jazz. We try to write what we feel, not write into a box. Today, everyone claims to be unique musically but many acts really pattern themselves after groups who have already made it. When people hear Winslow, they’ll see that we really do have a unique sound. If people are looking for a sound that you don’t hear everyday mixed with a high energy show filled with passion and precision, hopefully they’ll consider checking out Winslow! We’ve been working incredibly hard on new material. There is nothing like playing music for people who you know will really appreciate it. I would say that is it, we are looking forward to sharing our love and joy of music with everyone who wants to be around us and enjoy it. I’ll admit that we do take what we do seriously. I understand why people say don’t take life too seriously or you won’t make it out alive…but we throw everything we have into what we do. I would say that we are a band who is driven by passion and enjoyment of our art. Hopefully we’ll have some people out who are looking to listen, dance, and just have a good time with us.”

Winslow is Maurice Martin and his rich timbre on vocals and the general James Brown thang (and interview duties with me), Matt Tieman wailing on the saxophone, Curtis Tate playing the keyboards, Charlie Trenta coaxing a screaming guitar, Kevin Robertson thumping and slapping on the bass, and Jesse Marquardt behind them all swinging and knocking the drum kit along to shape the sounds in front of him. Think Eath, Wind and Fire for me for a minute, then bend that around a little bit of extra jazz and blues.   Scoop up a little Sly and the Family Stone while you’re at it.  Mr. Steven Tyler might say “slow gin fizzy.”   Expert saxophone licks dance in and out of soulful, funky guitar rifts and tick and filthy slamming bass behind a smoky vocal. Quarter Life is a slow number with poignant thoughtful lyrics and shows the diversity Winslow exhibits in working around their genre. Precision and liquid sax lines are the ever present unifiers in Winslow’s material. Your hips will be rolling steady all set.  I’ll need you to check out the live moment below.

“There is nothing like playing a show where every band walks off the stage dripping with sweat.”   I think we can provide quite a bit of that this year at the UMAF, don’t you?

Winslow provides a good example of making the most of the UMAF experience from a musician’s perspective. They’ve met and maintained contacts with Rawson and look forward to seeing Michael Glibicki again. They opened for him about a year ago.   And even better, “…part of the great thing about a festival that is this large is talent that you stumble upon when you aren’t even looking. I think thats the kind of experience we look forward to more than anything.” I know.  It’s like I pay these people to say these things.   I call it a collective conscious.  Synergy in truth.

I asked them if they’d like to make Utica a regular stop for them. “I’m hoping that by the time we leave town, we’ll have returned date already in the works. We all feel like Utica is too great of a place to only play once a year. So, keep your fingers crossed and tell some of the club owners in Utica to make the magic happen!”   This is a good opportunity for me to make this point.  As you experience Winslow and the other bands traveling in for the festival, if you love what you hear, tell your wait staff, bartenders, club owners and sound people.  Shoot a post show note on the venue’s social media pages or a pen a quick email.  These are things that you can do to join in the creation of an even richer musical experience in Utica, NY as well as for the bands who want to be a part of your scene!  Soap box moment over.  Thank you.

“It is a long drive from Akron, Ohio to Utica, New York, but it has all been incredibly worth it because of the friends and fans that we have made over the past two years. So, we hope that everyone who has enjoyed us the last few years comes comes to catch our set and brings a few friends.” Friends and family, a la your Utica Music and Arts Festival. That’s a beautiful thing that I know you’ll want to support.

(all photos by Lesley.Anne.K Photo Design)

Winslow dominates the Celtic Harp on its Outdoor Stage on Saturday, September 17th at 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. and again at 2:30 p.m. to 3:00p.m.  They are sure to have plenty of merch including their most recent album.  Keep your eyes on their links for details on a 2012 release that is now in the works.

If you can remember Winslow Soul, you can find them online.
Winslow Official
Winslow on Facebook 
Winslow on Myspace
Winslow on Reverbnation
Winslow on Youtube, and
Winslow on Twitter

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