Artist Profile- Saiah

Artist Profile- Saiah

“They can’t make you a star.  They just let you shine what you are.”  Saiah, Said So

Saiah from Albany, NY is business!  This hip hop artist is dropping confident lyrical statements all over beats and the state of New York and this September, Saiah hits Utica like a bomb.  Get him in the Utica Music and Arts Festival!

Saiah told me that he’s taken some time to review the history of the festival and considers it an honor to be a part of it.  I can dig that vibe.

“I’m a laid back type of guy that just likes to have fun, but there’s also a side of me that is a deep thinker, so that comes across in my music. ”

Saiah is an artist that will have a wide appeal.  His lyrics are solid and he goes hard without being graphic.  He talks about drive and focus as a path to success rather than violence or revolution, and his focus is music.  His style is a bit laid back, but he flexes his ability to spit quickly across the tracks as well, especially in Turn in Up.  You want to lean back in it a bounce a little.  Oh yeah, he sings too.  Icing on the cake.

He makes the most of his live show experiences and told me a little bit about that.  “Recently, I’ve been on a summer tour that ends at Giants Stadium and all of the shows have been great but a few of them stand out more than others. I did a show at a club in the Bronx called D’Noise recently that had a great crowd and the live band really made it a hot performance. Then a little later I got up and free-styled with the other artists. It was good to go off the top of the head on stage. Every show is another experience that seems to stand out in it’s own way though.”  I think you’ll see that work ethic and ownership of craft in the video below.  Definitely check out the studio tracks for a clearer vocal, but you cannot beat the energy and presence in this video, in my opinion.  He drops seamlessly back into the hook.  Expert!

“People goin get critical when you go down a different route. They wish I would get the boot but they could never fill my shoes. Cause they swollen from folks steppin on my toes.  Now I smell out the liars like Pinocchio’s nose.”

Like a lot of festival artists, Saiah hopes to establish a lasting relationship with fans in the area.   “I would love to come back to the Utica area after this festival. I love connecting with fans and adding to my extended family…They should probably know the best way to find out about me is to walk up and talk to me. I always like to meet and talk to both new and old fans. Listening to the music gives a little insight to who I am but you can’t beat face to face interaction.

I’m just looking forward to seeing what happens from start to end. Meeting the other acts, interacting with the fans, and everything. Plus, every performance brings a bunch of new memories and it’ll be interesting to see what happens during this particular one.”

Saiah’s latest release, Hidden Treasure, is available digitally on Itunes, Amazon, or any other major distributor.  All links available through the main website, as well.

Catch Saiah at Sickenberger Lane Thursday, September 15 · 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

While you’re on the web, get some tickets to this event before the price increases again.

On the web:
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