Artist Profile- Castrophe Me

Artist Profile- Castrophe Me

“We’re back this year because we see it as an opportunity to play one of the most important music events in CNY.” ~ Catastrophe Me

Catastrophe Me, the female-fronted alternative rock band from The Land of Oz, or Chittenango, NY for those not familiar with the area, will be returning to the Utica Music and Arts Festival this year and they’re just as excited as the rest of us for the show. “[The] UMAF gives us the opportunity to see many other bands and make friends with musicians all over the country. UMAF is one of the BEST music events in CNY ever!”

Catastrophe Me is comprised of Heather Brushell (Lead Vocals), Collin Brushell (Drums & Percussion) David Lupi (Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals, Cello), Kyle Agley (Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars), and Deano Anthony (Bass Guitar & Screams!). The band has been noted for its solid rhythm section, guitar work, and the range in vocal dynamics and melodies. Heather has even been compared to the likes of Amy Lee of Evanescence and Lacy Strum of Flyleaf. “Amy Lee has definitely had an influence on us, she is brilliant! The comparison is both flattering and challenging, Flattering because Amy Lee is a pro that has been proved, and Heather is a pro that is being proven and growing all the time. It’s easy to see the effort that Amy Lee has put into her craft and Heather is driven in much the same way… she is teachable and growing as an artist.”

Catastrophe Me has been hard at work since last year’s appearance at the Utica Music and Arts Festival between local shows, releasing their debut full-length album, “Hello Bella,” and opening for the likes of Tantric, Halestorm, and Sick Puppies. “[Halestorm] … showed us a powerful example of friendship and encouragement. It was beautiful to hang out with famous people that didn’t treat us with arrogance because they have been there.” They’re driven, constantly trying to improve, and Catastrophe Me’s efforts are being recognized. Aside from a welcome reception by several Syracuse newspaper music reviews for their recently released album, the band won the 2010 Brian Bourke SAMMY Award for “Best New Artist” at the Syracuse Area Music Awards. “We worked hard to win the most popular band votes and came in second to House On A Spring. So winning the Brian Bourke Award was amazing because it was selected by the local industry professionals without us having to do anything but work hard and play the best shows we possibly could. We are exceedingly PROUD of that award.” As if that wasn’t excitement enough, two tracks off of “Hello Bella” have made it onto the soundtrack for XBOX 360 LIVE’s “College Lacrosse 2011.” “It’s awesome to be selected for something like that! It is our hope that people will become familiar with the songs, the sounds and the name of the band …”

Despite a taste of the success and fame, Catastrophe Me has kept a level head and could not be more grateful and hopeful for the fans and friends of the Central New York music scene. “We love to tell stories… and we love to connect with our fans in a real life way. ” They have received support for a number of prominent local bands, to which they could not appreciate more. “Nine Ball has been very encouraging to us … [as well as] Doug Rice from the former Torment The Vein and now with the new band Armed with Valor, and … our friends in Just A Memory (the former Augustine). Joe [Sweet, founder of the Utica Music and Arts Festival and Lead Singer of Utica band Nine Ball] is one of the coolest guys we know. He has a heart to help other musicians get a hand up, and an opportunity to present our music to a wider audience. Joe is like a shepherd for the Utica music scene.”  Through their local touring, they have seen the importance of central New York on music and they have nothing but the brightest outlook for Central New York. “The CNY Music scene is in the process of redefining itself. Historically, CNY has had a powerful music scene that has produced some great national artist and writers, and the current rebuilding that’s going on all over CNY will bring the local music scene to an even better place. A lot of people are beginning to associate CNY with the Seattle music scene!”

“UTICA ROCKS! … Catastrophe Me LOVES UTICA!!!”

To check out Catastrophe Me before they rock out at the Utica Music and Arts Festival, they have a few show coming up at The Oneonta Theatre in Oneonta, NY at 7:00 pm on September 3rd.

That's a freaking Sammy.

Definitely make sure to check them out at UMAF on September 17th at Sickenberger Lane at 8:00 pm! They are sure to put of a great show that you won’t want to miss and they’ll have some cool swag with them. The talented Sandra Jackson has designed new artwork for their merchandise and they’ll have 3 different t-shirts, a 6-song EP and the new album, “Hello Bella,” and a newly designed bumper sticker.

Take a second and check out the band on the web:
Catastrophe Me Official
Catastrophe Me Facebook
Catastrophe Me Myspace
Catastrophe Me Reverbnation
Catastrophe Me Purevolume
Catastrophe Me
Catastrophe Me Syracuse Bands
Catastrophe Me CDbaby

Or, to book Catastrophe Me for a gig:
Catastrophic Management
Doug Brushell
(315) 263-1500

Get your tickets to the full weekend of events, including Catastrophe Me, with just a couple of clicks!

Final thoughts from the band:

“Mostly that we truly love the music and we truly love our fans. Our fans keep pushing us forward like fuel to our fire. We are just starting to get a little respect within the industry but we have three very important fans: One girl is about 18 and she goes to our shows and takes pictures, and is working on designing merchandise, the second one is 15 and she knows everyone in the band and even comes out to help us wherever we go. Our third fan just turned one year old around the time of our Album Release… her parents have had to different baby outfits designed for their beautiful baby. Our fans are just amazing!”

~Words by Matthew Paulini


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