Artist Profile- Tumbleweed Company

Artist Profile- Tumbleweed Company

    We’re going to try and make you dance. Don’t fight it.  ~Jeff Adamczyk

Tumbleweed Company is a rootsy band from Boston that I am pleased to introduce you Utica Music and Arts Festival go-ers to!

Welcome these fine looking kids to town, won't you?

Pleasantly blending folk, true rock and roll, blues, and roots country styles, this band should appeal to a wide variety of fans, including lovers of the jam.  There is some crunchy funk going on to treat your brain, too.  Think Honky Chateau and you’re close.  Each instrument, of which there are several, is solidly played and interwoven seemingly egolessly into songs along side vocals taken with the same approach.  Nothing, even the guitar solos, are screaming at your ear, and they don’t need to scream to catch your attention.  The melodies tempt and tease and round out into a smile on your face in no time.  Particularly, this band is made up of Ryan Toll (Vocals, Guitar), Jeff Adamczyk (Vocals, Mandolin, Piano, Organ), Derek Toa (Guitar), Will Cafaro (Bass), Jayme Tardiff (Drums), and Dana Osterling (Vocals, Cello).  The vocal harmonies achieved in Tumbleweed Company’s songs are nothing short of impressive.  Though different in style, I am reminded of fellow festival artist, My Pet Dragon.  Allow me to reassure you that you will get your dance on to this band.  Your feet will start taping right around that point that the smile takes you over and I encourage you, as Jeff said above, to give right in.

Oh, just take a look for yourself, it’s fun!

This will be great at the Electric Company!

Dana Osterling grew up in Fairport, New York, and we have her to thank for knowing what is up with Utica and encouraging the band to submit.  They’d like to extend their travel to Utica on a regular basis if you’d like to have them, so make sure to check out what you are being offered.  They’re looking forward to catching the Ryan Montbleu set and meeting the band, which gives me a good opportunity to drop a little knowledge that is little known to the public.  Most of the RM band is strongly rumored to be showing up for an epic jam at the Nail Creek Pub after their set!  But more on that later.  This is about why you’re going to like the Tumbleweed Company so much.

The last show the Tumbleweed Company rocked was a house party in Western Mass that sounds like it has a UMAF type vibe, “amazing food, and really good company.”  (Jeff)

I think you’ll enjoy their company!  You can nab their CD and t-shirts at the show to keep them close to your heart as you are missing their soulful sounds.

Get out to the Electric Company on Saturday from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. to catch them.  Check out the Greens Festival area while you are at it and get some greens on.

Take a second and check out the band on the web:

Tumbleweed Company Official
Tumbleweed Company on Facebook
Tumbleweed Company on Twitter

Tumbleweed Company on Myspace

Tumbleweed Company on Reverbnation

Get your tickets to the full weekend of events, including the Tumbleweed Company with just a couple of clicks!



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