Artist Profile- The Darling Vendetta

Artist Profile- The Darling Vendetta

“If The Queens of the Stone Age got together with Kings X and went to The Viper Room to see David Bowie, The Darling Vendetta would be the opening act.  It’s straight forward free range rock, with no extra filler or artificial by-products, and influenced by times when rock music was more concerned with the feeling, rather than the slickness of looks and production.”  Chris Cooley, The Darling Vendetta

First of all, that is freaking awesome!  Free range rock!

What can I say about The Darling Vendetta?  History in the regional music scene runs deep here.  Christian Lewandowski was the flutist and vocalist in the group Love Scene Clear which I am sure many, many people recall very fondly, myself included.  Influential sounds!  Dave Sned is an award winning acoustic singer/songwriter as well a drum instructor, and Chris Cooley has played guitar on the scene in bands for years and when he isn’t doing that, he’s behind a board mixing their sound.  Everybody who knows anybody knows the DV crew and with solid reason.  The band arose from some lose jamming that evolved into a gig opportunity over the Halloween season of 2009.  From there, things snowballed and the response was intense.  “Utica is a small enough town that most of the musicians know, or know of each other.  It makes for some interesting camaraderies and most of the musicians are truly supportive of each other.”

“We are definitely looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our music for a wider range of people that wouldn’t normally be out seeing bands.  Besides, we have to show all these other bands from out of town that these Utica boys can rock it too, don’t we?”  Yes, Chris, you do!  I do too!  Today, Utica, tomorrow the world!  Chris also told me he thinks the UMAF is an important event for Utica because it showcases original music that is happening here and steps away from the cover band scene that we all know is always alive and well in just about any city in the country you find yourself in.  We’ve got some solid cover bands, for sure, but to have original musicians be able to create and work near to the place they call home is a truly beautiful thing.  Something to be nurtured.

The Darling Vendetta have an appearance coming up at ARCStock, an outdoor event put on by the ARC in Wampsville and they’re excited to be able to be a part of an organization that is helping people.  I like to let you know when the music’s got a heart, what can I say?

The Darling Vendetta has a 5 song EP that will be available for purchase at their show at a friendly discount to you, music experiencer.  If you can’t wait, it’s also available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

Take a moment and check this out, live from The Electric Company.

I want you to keep an eye on the Friday night schedule at Sickenberger Lane because The Darling Vendetta are going to rock it, and details are forthcoming about exactly when.

The Darling Vendetta on Facebook

Buy your UMAF weekend pass for the shows!



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