Artist Profile- Scott Danger Bravo

Artist Profile- Scott Danger Bravo

Scott “Danger” Bravo from Syracuse, NY would like you to think he is “a drunk that plays a little guitar,” but I am here to tell you that the talent is no joke.  This will be his third consecutive year with the UMAF and it caught his attention as a good way to dive into the CNY music scene.  He’s been through the area a few times at venues in the Mohawk Valley in the meanwhile, gathering steam.  I’m confident that anyone who catches one of his performances will walk away impressed.

Drinking in a restroom is economy of motion.

Some extremely beautiful acoustic guitar pours out of the soul and fingers of Scott Bravo.  He ranges from classical to jazz to funk to rock and frankly reminds me of Lindsay Buckingham’s style a good bit of the time, so there is some bluegrass in there also.  He is an artist creating, weaving textiles of sound, layer upon layer.  The instrumental songs he crafts are so interesting to the ear that the lack of a vocal is entirely inconsequential.  It would probably ruin it, and that’s a crazy thing to hear a singer tell you.  This music will free your mind and send it dancing.

Things that keep him coming back?  “The booze.  Great bars and great local beer…[the] Saranac Brewery, the Nail Creek Pub, and Hotel Utica are always fun.”  And the fans and friends he has made aren’t bad.  “NY’ers are generally friendly.”  A favorite memory from last year for Scott is “getting plowed with other musicians at Saranac Brewery.”  We can’t have him imbibing alone, now can we?

Ironically, his next show is at The Tramontane Cafe, which is a fantastic venue that serves not a drop of alcohol.  This will be a great show, and I highly encourage you to check both it and The Tram out.  Go to that place hungry, people.  The food!

Here is a clip of him at a past Tram performance, playing New York Smile:

Beautiful song!

Scott will be coming prepared to the festival this year with t-shirts and download cards with links to digital music.  If his music moves you, tell him so.

2010 UMAF at the Green Onion Pub, photo by Walter Romero (feature photo also by W. Romero)

Venue and time slots for Scott’s performances fest weekend will be forthcoming with enthusiasm.  My hunch is that he’ll be in the GOP again this year, but time will tell.  Anticipation is a turn on, so they say.

Meantime, check him out online:
Scott Bravo on Reverbnation

Buy some tickets to this festival, please!



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