Artist Profile- Brass Knuckle Intercourse

Artist Profile- Brass Knuckle Intercourse

Brass Knuckle Intercourse is an all star conglomeration of all things hard and heavy.  It is a twisted romp of theatrics delivered like a punch to the nose that has been thrashing Utica, NY and the surroundings for years now.  They rise in the evenings from the Electric Company and they will bust you up proper at the Utica Music and Arts Festival.  I am suggesting you get ready and get in there.  Original music, hard, fast, and relentless.  Something that sets BKI apart from the usual hard and heavy pack is that they dabble in some hip hop tinged hardcore right along with their metal and punk sounds.  It’s a well rounded soundtrack for a night with your closest crazed maniacs.  Toss in a costume or two, and we’re off!

Halloween show at the Electric Company 2010. I was in there, and it ROCKED!

The cast and crew of this gang are none other than St. Onge on lead vocals, Matt “Romper Stomper” Ossowski on lead guitar, production, and videography, the illustrious Mr. Zee on the bass and back up vocals, and Lenny Milano, Jr. on the kit.  You can expect to hear those names a lot while you are in town and chasing the links will give you some idea of the many talents of these folks.

Videography, you say?  Oh yeah.  I invite you to browse around the youtube for a multitude of videos and short films (Halloween promo for the show pictured above is a must!), but for now, check this.  Self described Utica Street Rock- full volume.

That’s your Hotel Utica, people.  Multimedia grassroots cross promotion in action.  Mr. Lewandowski from The Darling Vendetta guest spot.  You can see them at the festival also!  What a coincidence.

It’s worth saying that the members of the band are heavily involved in the community…most of them are up to their elbows in the festival in one way or another, either planning and organizing it, playing in it, photographing it, and most certainly promoting it.  These crazy costumed people are very invested in the space in which they spend their time.  The band itself plays a good number of charity shows also.  Heavy with heart from the roots up!  East Utica represent!

BKI’s CD, Cradle to the Grave, is in progress and with any luck it will be available for purchase festival weekend!

We’re lucky to have Brass Knuckle Intercourse!  Get in Sickenburger Lane  on Thursday, September 15th and get some!   “We are bringing in some special guests to come jam/rap (hint hint) with us. ”  That is the word on the street and to me, that smells like Belikos.  Anything could happen, people, this is Utica.  It’s like Vegas, just colder.


what they said!

BKI in cyberland:
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