Artist Profile- Belikos

Artist Profile- Belikos

Begin to fan the burgeoning flames of excitement, festival goers.  Belikos from New York City is heading back upstate to their 4th year at the UMAF!  Fresh off a live recording at The Electric Company on July 8th, the band is as excited as the fans to exchange some massive energy inside the EC.  They are headlining both Friday and Saturday with shows at 12:00 midnight and it will be a packed house on both occasions!

The fest’s relationship with this band  is one of my favorite Cinderella Stories in our history because it’s a great illustration of what the whole thing is about.  Since their first year with us, Belikos and Utica were a match and they return frequently to partake of both the show scene and the local culture as well.   As I understand it, they are on life contract with our festival, per Zee, illustrious owner of the Electric Company.  “Obviously we love the EC, it’s our home away from home and Zee is like our crazy uncle…Love Voss’, Nail Creek (I mean, where else can you get a side of Utica Club with dinner!), the brewery, and the list goes on and on…we just love Utica!” -Keith Reed (bass).   Belikos is family returning to visit you, and a talented family it is!

I expect you to be familiar with this band, but if you’re not, I’ll attempt to bring you up to speed.  Belikos is (excerpt from their fb page, in their words): Shane Maux – vocals, fancy footwork; Aaron Orr – vocals, acrobatics;Keith Reed – Bass, fabulous hair; Ethan Hampton – Guitar, vocals, assless chaps; Justin Hampton – Drums, stoic stone face.

How’s it sound?  You’ve got some very high energy, talented word smith spitting and a bounce in the groove you’d expect from a hip hop fusion group of high caliber, but where Belikos takes an interesting turn is what this happens over.  The music behind the mix of singing and rapping often meshes moments of psychedelic funk with the barely restrained energy of the power pop punk that forefronted the movement…all in the same 5 or 6 minutes and without a stutter.  The live band is kicking at all times.  Incubus meets Kravitz meets Linkin Park and the Chili Peppers.  Uncanned awesomeness bursting down your eardrums.  Call security.

Wild times in store to kick Fall off right!  And, they expect to have copies of the live CD available for purchase by then!  I know I will be picking one of those pieces of history up and bringing it home with me for posterity.

Do not miss the shows Friday and Saturday night at 12:00 midnight at The Electric Company!  Get on up!

Another great photo by Ray!

Get ’em on the web:

Belikos on Facebook

Belikos Official



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