Artist Profile- Yesterday’s Saints

Artist Profile- Yesterday’s Saints

Back to that what’s in a name thing…you wouldn’t necessarily know on impact that Yesterday’s Saints from the Washington, DC area are going to come out of the speakers so hard that you might just look like you’re facing a wind tunnel.  So let me just get that out of the way for you real quickly.  This band is not screwing around!  This is tight, aggressive music!  Metal / Hybrid Thrash about to blow Sickenberger Lane like a scene in Backdraft.  Don’t tell the insurance agents.

Nobody is paying them to look perky.

Matt of the band tells me that they’re cranking along at around 190 beats per minute in most of their ditties.  Excuse me?  Yes.  No sweat though, this “fast and intense pace” will do you no harm whatsoever.  It merely causes Matt to “Get up in peoples faces during performances and include them in the angst.  The rest of the guys fuel that fire with such energy to the music.  I can’t help but explode.”  Have you any full body armor?  Where are the outlets for such things in Utica?

You have no one to blame but yourself for this acute aural assault scheduled to arrive in a mere month.  You churned out bassist Phil D’Arcangelis!  He’s a Mohawk Valley native!  Matt gave me a nice little memory you all may appreciate, also “I grew up in Rochester and having played ice hockey in high school remember always having our asses handed to us in State finals by Rome Free Academy.”  Right on, right on.  They know Zee and Joe, too, but anyone who doesn’t before September certainly will after!  It’s nice to see the connections, as I always say.

Photo by Vernon Hawkins III

Yesterday’s Saints is looking forward to networking with other bands of similar ilk, so we’re letting that be known!  Zee’s band, Brass Knuckle Intercourse is on their hit list, and should be on yours, too.  So you know who you are dealing with, specifically, the line up is Albert Born on drums (give this man a break, he may be very tired after the set.  Hold his drink for him), Witt Black on guitar, Matt Rice up in your face on vocals, and your own Phil D’Arcangelis on the bass.  Make sure to welcome him home.  A nice little tid bit to keep in mind for you doom metal fans is that Albert whose drinks you will be holding was the drummer for Pentagram and just this year toured Europe with them.  You feel a little better about helping him out now, I bet.

The last show they played was in Virgina Beach at The Geared Up Rock Bar with Synesthisia (indeed!) to a crowd of about 200 lunatics.  I wasn’t there, I can’t say they were all lunatics, but I’m guessing from the stories I heard while gathering this information that the vibe at these shows is, let’s say, intense.  And they’d like to do this to you a couple times a year, Utica, if you like what they’ve got.

“We’re hoping for a big turn out for our performance to make the trip worth the hours of smelling farts in the van to get there.”  Matt

You can help ease that strain by preparing to buy some fun merch!  “We have the typical t-shirts for boys and girls, some nice tank tops for the ladies when its sweaty outside, stickers, an EP, and a friendly conversation about the weather if they like too.”

Saturday, September 17th “late”!  (You know I will be posting full schedules later, so no worries!) at Sickenberger Lane on Varick Street.  Why wait to get your tickets?

If you like that place, you might want to head over there that night to pay what could be your final respects.

Photo by Vernon Hawkins III

You know you want to listen.  Don’t lie to yourselves:
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