Artist Profile- 28 North

Artist Profile- 28 North

“[The music is] A positively charged bolt of pure joy/truth, penetrating the soul of the listener and leaving cavernous impressions on scale with things like the Grand Canyon & The Northern Lights.”  Michael Lindner, 28 North

28 North is one of the bands traveling furthest to get to us in Utica for this festival and that is awesome stuff.  They’re coming all the way from LA, and this is their third year doing so.  I expect you remember your old friends, because they sure remember you!  They just sold out the Roxy.  Yes, the Roxy.  And here they come, back for more of your particular energy!

and here they are at the freaking House of Blues, too!

There is a subtle jam flavor to this rock band, and it’s cherry.  There’s a Rhodes, for starters, and the guitar work is nice and stringy, which I am using as a compliment.  These guys’ wrists must be made of elastic bands.  The songs are crafted with a rock mentality, though, and can get heavy quickly having you thinking for a second that you’re listening to something much harder.  A few well placed power chords and it’s getting power pop…and the next thing you know, the guitar is screaming bloody murder in pentatonics.  The drummer seamlessly transitions through all of this right along with the rest of the band crashing and splashing creatively.  They’ve even got an organic power ballad in “Call Me Up” that showcases a prominent vocal.  Undoubtedly the sound work of the bass is steering the band from one direction to another, in and out of the bottom of the sound.  Let me network for a second because the last thing I wrote was a piece on In Like Lions, and I want these two bands to meet each other this year if they get a chance.  You would not mistake them for each other, but they’d sound great on a bill together.  I love when I can say ‘this is a rock band’ and have it mean that they run the gambit of most of what that means.  28 North let’s me say this and backs it up soundly.  The cast, particularly, is Michael Lindner on guitar, vocals, and aforementioned Rhodes, Tyler Bond at the drums, on vocals, and handling all percussion, Jonathan Colman on the bass and vocals, and Taylor Netzler on guitar, and vocals.

Here’s a real groovy tear up clip of the band doing Sneaky Woman at Arlene’s in NYC.  Just press play, Taylor’s solo is filthy.

They drew a bead on Utica because it was well known to them to be in a hotbed region for jam bands, and they can appeal to that booty shaking flailing dance vibe.  “We fit right in!”

They keep making this long trek across this great nation to you because they dig what’s going on in the scene.  Mike said, “ We have made some very strong relationships in Utica via the fest. From the first day, the whole thing builds. People are passing the word, ‘Did you catch this or that band,’ and if you are playing more than one show, your attendance organically increases. That is what happened to us our first year…We quickly befriended Hank & Cupcakes and the cats from Belikos, both awesome NY bands making moves. We keep in touch throughout the year, and Shane Maux from Belikos sat in and busted a freestyle with us at the Electric Company. There certainly is a sense of camaraderie amongst artists at the fest.”  You know I love to hear that the manifesto is working.

This is a beautiful thing.

One of their favorite memories from last year was an impromptu set outside the Nail Creek Pub, which is something you can accidentally catch a lot over the weekend, together with choice collaborations like Shane freestyling at the EC.

They’re working on a new album and crushing the LA scene, so make sure you get yourself some 28 North while they are in town.  Get a couple of doses, if you like.

Keep your eyes here for TBD show and venue info!

And visit them on the web in the meanwhile
28 North
28 North on Myspace
28 North on Facebook
28 North on Sonicbids


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