Buy some tickets!

Buy some tickets!

I am talking to YOU in this post!  I can see you, sitting there, reading this (thank you!), and know that you don’t have a ticket yet.  I am writing to you personally because I know that you should not sleep on this.  This is a friendly wake up call.  I have been not only arm deep in these bands for days and know them to be fantastic, but I know that it is straight up INSANE to me that tickets for this are still $25.00 for an entire weekend of music, in multiple venues, with around 135 bands already booked.  Why would you wait until the price nearly doubles?  Are you not interested in having more capital available to you to browse around the Greens Fest or to purchase a delightfully lovely beverage from any of our fine establishments hosting music for you?  Have you tasted any of the Utica food?  Mmmm!  Think of the band merch you are going to need to have!

Let me put it to you straight for a second.  You’re going to pay $25.00 to see the amazing kick off party at Saranc on Thursday, Ryan Montbleau, Michael Glabicki, Hank & Cupcakes, Belikos, 9 Round, Randy Niles, The Big Takeover… and you would never get even that bill for that price.  We’re then throwing about a hundred other great bands into the mix for nothing.  You’re robbing us and should be arrested as it is.  But we like U, and we want you to have FUN at this event!

So why not grab a ticket now?  You could talk your friends into it also and we’d appreciate that.  So would all of the bands coming to raise your vibration Fest weekend.

To quote my friend Joy, “Do it, it will feel good!”

Purchase your tickets to the 2011 UMAF here

Hand painted poster at top (shoes below) by local artist, Tony Thompson.  [available in many colors!]

Also Tony Thompson- just cause I love these!


Amazing shot by Ray of

We have great photographers! Ups to Lenny for this one!


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Buzz Machine/buzz saw, Semi Professional Mouth, and Freelance Writer. Extreme enthusiast of the Utica Music and Arts Festival, a yearly event held in September in Utica, New York. I'm not an A&R girl, but I play one on tv. Let's collaborate!

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