Artist Profile- Liquid Me

Artist Profile- Liquid Me

Some of the members of Liquid Me have been rocking the Upstate NY scene out of Oneonta harder than it even asked for since…we’re talking 1996, people.  1996.  What were you doing then?  One evening that year, I was in a bar in Herkimer called Brownies and I saw some of them play, spun that project’s CD frequently, and still enjoy it to this day.  I am happy to reconnect with old friends!  I bring this up because it speaks to what this Upstate, NY scene is about, which is loyalty and community.  Loyalty, community, and according to Todd, the drummer of the band, groupies.  Groupies which they are seeking to amass en force.

Our product is pro, our future is bright, our frustration is earned and genuine, and our trousers are uncomfortably constrictive.  

It’s “punk infused hard rock” according to Todd.  I call in a punch in the face.  Similar descriptions, overall.  Nothing sits back about Liquid Me.  They’re not sorry they didn’t buy you dinner.  They do not want to meet your mother.  They want to play as if you just did something personally to them and they’ve been in prison for a while.  It drives.  The drums are aggressive and Kriss’ bass thumps away in interesting tonal ranges giving the overall project an evil sound.  Lotus’ vocal growls and whispers unapologetic things over power chords.  I’ve always appreciated their use of effects on the instruments also and that’s still going on here.  Here, in Utica!

Social networking at it’s finest is really how this delightful 6 degrees of Upstate NY musical separation ended up here. Todd again, “Checked into UMAF and heard lots of good things, so we got in touch.  The rest is history: sexy, filthy, comprehensively impaired history.”

They just released a CD and launched a party for it at the Oneonta Theater on July 1st.  They will have this EP with them, together with t-shirts for your fest’ing pleasure, and they want to practically give them to you.  Probably so you will take your top off.  I mean, I’m just gonna give it to you Q and A style from this point:

Is there anyone on your radar you are looking forward to hearing or meeting? 
Looking forward to seeing Nineball and Brass Knuckle Intercourse (and everybody else) and looking forward to converting, and pledging, some new, female groupies w/ questionable moral standards and considerable flexibility/appetites (we love you).

If you have a good experience, will you be back? Hoping to establish a lasting connection with the area and fans? 
Yes of course (especially w/ said groupies).

Anything you are looking forward to about this year’s experience? 
We are looking forward to tearing the roof off of the Sickenberger Lane indoor stage around MIDNIGHT on Fri 9/16 (along w/ new friends/networking, partying, the “groupies” thing again, etc).

You can find these power driven lunatics over at the Sickenburger Lane indoor stage, inside a seething mass of people they hope have questionable morals, at 12:00 a.m. Midnight on Friday.  If you find you can’t wait until then, here’s what you’re in for.


LM on iTunes
LM on FB
LM on Reverbnation
LM on Twitter (this ought to be fun) 

Here they are looking relatively innocent to lull you into a false sense of security.



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