Did you hear about the UMAF radio preview on Upstate Live?

Did you hear about the UMAF radio preview on Upstate Live?

You can’t pay for this kind of press!  You’ve got to cooperate for it, start a love vibe, and water it liberally with attention and appreciation!  TWO, count them two dates for this, people.  The UMAF is too much to handle so Upstate had to split up the rowdy group to fit as many of us in as possible.  Part I of the UMAF Preview was a great success and I thank everyone for their support!  But that’s not all!  Now, for the big one.  On September 11, 2011 at 9:00 p.m., the entire show will be devoted to showcasing your music in the Part II of the preview.  There are as many performers crammed onto this show as could be fit.  Your submissions of music have ripened to fruition.  Fans and friends, you are able to tune into this show and get a feeling for what you are in store for over festival weekend.  It’s one stop shopping, and it airs a second time on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. in case you miss it!  To rehash the backstory:

Your bad vibe force field, audio version.

I am what you might call amped to see the UMAF given a full night of its own on  The Evolution of Erik Jensen.  Stellar!  This show runs Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. on a little thing you may have heard me mention called Upstate Radio (www.upstateradio.com)  I enjoy the heck out of this station that plays predominantly independent regional artists.  It is better than your pop radio!  Or it’s better than any near me, anyway.  Well, we get a whole show and them some to let people hear your music and hear what we are about!  Did I say I was excited?  Are you excited??

You out of towners may not know about Upstate Live (how do you EXIST that way!?), and so you may feel very free to check out the page I have devoted to informing you here on this blog.  Up top and to your right you will find links.  Your regional music guide out here, and I think you’ll all appreciate knowing about it at some point in your future.  They have become our festival family, no doubt.  Building bridges to the sky.

But what’s the real deal about this preview thing?  The deal is that Erik tries to get his listeners in the know about general goings-on in the scene, and regularly spotlights regional festivals by playing a block of artists who will be appearing and bringing the dish to pass about what to expect and why you should attend.   He knows what he is talking about!  And he loves Nine Ball!  And that, my friends, is how all this started with the concept of the preview: some Utica music bonding ignited by a band deserving of some love!  Because we have so many great bands and many traveling in (and people traveling in to hear our locals), we just have to do a whole show.  There is just no way around it but for the UMAF to bust down the door and take up residence for the night.  Then that sort of spilled over naturally into two.  Yes, I’ve said thank you.

SO, you bandish folks have been sending me your beautiful music and I have been diligently forwarding it along to the DJ Man and it has been boiled down into a show.  Mostly I  enthusiastically blurted out wild adjectives at him while he boiled it down into a show.  Either way, YOUR music is going to be on it.  Isn’t that wonderful?  A track  from as many of you as we can fit.  It’s bliss.

What you can do, friends, bands, and fans, is share that link ~~> Upstate Radio <~~ with your friends, fans, and bands…fans of your friends, and fans of your friend’s bands.  Bands with friends…ok ok.  Share it up!  Share it now!  Especially light that station up like a Christmas tree while the show are runs.  That’s how we will show some appreciation back- by sending Upstate’s listenership through the roof.  Let’s break the numbers we did for Part I!  The UMAF crew is good like that.   Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. we crash Upstate Radio!

Get your tickets now before they go up!

Mad, crazy, musical love!



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