Artist Profile- Nova Cez Everything

Artist Profile- Nova Cez Everything

“We’re looking forward to performing our songs to people who probably never heard about us before the UMAF, networking with other artists, and also just being out there and experiencing this as a family.”

Nova Cez Everything.  Yes, indeed, they do!  This group from the Bronx is traveling up the T-way to our fine city for the first time and are set to blow this festival up with several appearances through the weekend.  We like a heavy dose of the good shit and the fest organizers know this.  They’ve got good ears!

What’s in a name?  With this band, it’s pretty cool.  “We blend different genres – hip hop, rock, blues, r&b, pop, etc. – taking all of our different musical influences and backrounds and mixing it all.  Hence the band’s name – Nova Cez Everything, which is a play on names and words.  Nova and Cez started the group and Nova Cez (sees) Everything describes our goal to mix these different genres of music into something unique.  Also, Ralph (bass) and Jens (drums) like to describe themselves as the “Everything” in NCE.”  If the name description is that intriguing and thought out, how do you think the lyrics they are spitting are?  Correct- they’re good!

Straight BEASTING it at the UC Lounge in NYC!

Nova also Cez- get to the show!


NCE is coming to visit us with a fuller sound, having recently beefed up from a duo to a full band, and they are seeing our festival as a way to launch the group into the atmosphere of the state of NY.  That’s a similar theme I am hearing, and one I love, love love.

You know I want to talk sonics with you all.  I can do that well with this group because their music has been cycling on my playlist since they sent me some tracks.  My favorite is Shooting Stars, but wait until you hear Charlie Sheen.  You are going to get drunk and bounce a lot to this number, I know it.  And you’re going to want to cop it, too, so you have it for your rides up Genesee Street after Saranac Thursdays!  I mean, it can’t be only Jessi and I that do that, right?  This is a hip hop group first off and I think you will find the lyrical delivery to be tight and on point.  I like the style, which frequently reminds me of Lil Wayne, though not at all a carbon copy.  The music itself is also great.  You’ve got some definite guitar overtones lending an organic band feel as well as great beats and a lot of tonal interest, and I understand that the album in the works is going to feature the band sound more than the tracks I have in my possession.  This is good news for those of you set to experience it live.  I’ve shared the link around town to some of the hip hop fusion acts (hello, Subsoil!  Who coincidentally I am working on sliding into this UMAF mix, stay tuned!) because I think it’s valuable and that Rochester needs to also see this group.

The band has been very well received downstate, too.  “Our last (and actually our first show as a full band) was on July 23rd at the UC Lounge on the lower east side of Manhattan.  The venue is up and coming, cozy and perfectly suited for us.  We had a great crowd – everyone was into what they heard and saw.  They actually offered us a weekly gig there because we had such a good crowd; so we decided to perform 8/5, 8/18, and 8/27 to prep us for UMAF and we’ll probably play there a couple of times a month when we come back.”

Back to that family theme again.  Turns out we have NCE to thank for talking the UMAF up to The Audible Dark (great band!) and they know our pal, Randy Niles, too!

They’re recording an album to feature the music with the new line up, so keep your eyes turned to their links below so you can get that when it drops.  There’s a good chance you can nab yourself a Nova Cez Everything t-shirt to rock around in also.  Show some merch love to our traveling cousins!

“ We’d love to come back yearly and continue to expose ourselves and our music to the UMAF crowd.”  Yes!  Exposing one’s self on Varick Street is a common theme.  Ha!  Just kidding.  Mostly.  We do like to know what you are about, deep down.

So far, NCE is scheduled for the following dates and locations, but we will keep you updated on additional slots they end up in, as the schedule is still evolving

Thursday 9/15, Sickenberger Lane at 12am

Friday 9/16,  BLU at 8pm  (This is a new venue for the UMAF this year!)

Saturday 9/17, The Electric Company at 3:30pm

Nova Cez Everything, on the web-

NCE Reverb Nation

NCE on Facebook

Website is in progress and you will find it here when it’s ready for launch



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  1. Thanks so much for the great profile and to the entire UMAF for welcoming us with open arms. We truly look forward to going to Utica in 2 short weeks and taking in the atmosphere, connect with other artists and all the wonderful UMAF friends and family! See you soon!

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