Hello world! Welcome to the Utica Music and Arts Festival Promo Guide, so to speak!


Things are gearing up for what is starting to be considered a MASSIVE annual event in Utica that brings in bands from across the country!  What are we going to do about that here?  Well there is a lot of information to be gathered on the artists performing.  There is a lot of networking to be gleaned from this experience, and I want everyone to know who they can find where, and have some idea of what they can expect from the musicians and festival in general.  And, I want people to be able to find it readily.  So we’re testing this out and I welcome all feedback that is framed in a positive light.  Bash me about the head, just please use a pillow.  This is a pet project, people, fueled by a psychotic love of music and love in general.  I’m going to say this a lot, but this site should in no way direct traffic away from or usurp the official UMAF page, which is found at http://www.uticamusicfest.net.  Think of this as your companion guide.

So you will be seeing band profiles here, as well as event listings and articles about festival goings on.  If a funny story happens, I’ll share it with you all.  If somebody says something real nice about U, you’ll find it here, right along side some content from the bands, be that words from them to you, or videos of them live, links to their pages and songs, and who I think they should consider networking their shit with!  Gig-share, kiddos!

Keep in mind I don’t know what I’m doing with this site yet so…yeah.  See the pillow, and let’s get to it!

2010 UMAF Lovin, palms up!


About MLW

Buzz Machine/buzz saw, Semi Professional Mouth, and Freelance Writer. Extreme enthusiast of the Utica Music and Arts Festival, a yearly event held in September in Utica, New York. I'm not an A&R girl, but I play one on tv. Let's collaborate! MelissaLWalker82@gmail.com

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