Artist Profile- The End Men

"Who are these ya-hoos?"

"Who are these ya-hoos?"

“The End Men are kind of like dawn on the day after a wedding reception. There is that handful that just won’t let the party end and are probably three sheets to the wind, but they tell all the best stories and are damn well dressed, even if the ties have been loosened up a bit… oh yeah, and they are having one hell of a good time.”  <Matthew Hendershot, The End Men>

I was going to write up a nice little piece for The End Men from NYC, paying some special attention to letting Utica know that these guys like you, and they want you to like them, and that is a beautiful thing!  I was going to see what I could do to create a buzz and catch people’s minds up.  So I sent Matthew some questions…and he pretty much wrote the whole thing himself.  I’m going to share most of that with everybody, it’s only fair.  What I will tell you is that this is a high energy band committed to having a blast whenever the potential is there to have one!  When there is no potential, they’re bound to drum something up!  “At first people sort of think, ‘Who are these ya-hoos and why is that guy yelling?’ But before long, they are yelling right along and dancing in the isles.” Matt again.  As far as the sound goes, blitzkrieg of potent power driven songs.  And yes, there is some yelling.  It’s blues rock music, and they’re going to give it to you hard, and with a harmonica.  Specifically, this entity is Matthew Hendershot, guitar and vocals, Livia Ranalli – drums, percussion, toys, vocals (toys…these are their words, people, come check out what *that* is about!), and Jason Godbey – harmonica, guitar, and vocals.

For Matthew, this is the third year with the festival (EVENEYE and The Dead River Company) but The End Men are fresh meat.  “I was really hoping to see The Ross Livermore band come back again this year. I became really good friends with that guy at the first Fest. He is going to be out on the road this time around.”  (Come back to us, Ross Livermore!) Matthew goes on to say he is friends with and will be seeking out Justin Kilburn, but that “…really the best part is to find those bands you don’t know yet. Walk from venue to venue looking for that diamond.”  And I could not have said that better myself.

And, if you like them, let your servers and bar bookers and friends and family know.  They’d like to be a steady theme in your lives.  “For sure we will be back. It takes real, solid people to throw a festival like this, and really great and fun-loving people to attend it. That is by definition the type of people we want to associate with all the time! We want people to come and have fun with us, and every time I’ve played in Utica, that is exactly what I have found. The Greens Fest always has great food along with all the great music going on, it is just an all around good weekend. I am looking at it as more of a vacation really. Just so happens that we get to rock out on our vacation!”

Don’t you deserve a vacation in Utica with The End Men?

Get at them during the fest at O’Donnell’s Pub & Grill at ‎12:15 AM Friday, September 16th.  That’s Midnight on Thursday/Friday morning people.  We like to keep it simple like that.

This just in!  The End Men rock acoustic at Griffin’s Pub on Saturday the 17th at Midnight.  Very interesting situation brewing there!

Looks like they're trying to prepare for the animal that is Varick St.

Wasn’t that all pretty nice of them to say?  Show some love back to them by learning a lyric or two:



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